Recreational Pilot’s License

The RPL is the first licence that pilots in Australia will hold, and allows you to pilot an aeroplane while carrying passengers within a 25 nautical mile radius of your home airport. Holders of an RPL are authorised to fly light, single-engine aeroplanes as pilot in command. RPL holders can add further qualifications to this licence including but not limited to endorsements that allow you to fly cross-country or in controlled airspace. You can start your training at any age, but must be at least 16 years old to hold this licence.


  • Hands on action flight
  • First Solo: 10-20 hours of training
  • Area Solo
  • Minimum hours: 25
  • Class 1, 2, Basic class 2, or a RAMP-C medical certificate
  • Minimum age to hold licence: 16 years

What are the steps in achieving my Recreational Pilot’s License?

Step 1: Hands-On Action Flight 

Step 2: First Solo 

Your First Solo flight is the culmination of the basic handling phase of your training. You will complete one take off and landing without your Flight Instructor on board and it is a milestone that most pilots remember forever. Pilots generally complete their First Solo within 10 to 20 hours of training; however, this is competency based and your Instructor will let you know when you are ready. 

Step 3: Area Solo 

The next stage in your training is working towards your Area Solo. In this flight, you will embark on a solo flight to an area away from the airport to practice some of the intermediate manoeuvres you have learned so far without the aid of your Instructor. 

Step 4: Recreational Pilot Licence 

After passing a theory examination, and learning some more advanced manoeuvres, you will undertake your RPL Flight Test with an Examiner on board. In this flight you will demonstrate everything you’ve learned so far and when you pass, you’ll have your first licence!  

In Summary:

  • Hands on action flight
  • First Solo: 10-20 hours of training
  • Area Solo
  • RPL: Minimum 25 hours of training

Current Price Estimate

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