Flight Activity Endorsements

Well done, you’ve got your licence! Why not add one of these exciting Flight Activity Endorsements to increase your capability and maximise your enjoyment in the air!


Typical Dual Flight Time:

2 Hours

A prerequisite for the Flight Instructor Rating and aerobatic endorsement, a Spinning Endorsement is also a great way to improve your flying skills and understanding of aircraft mishandling. The Spinning endorsement will teach you how to recognise some aircraft mishandling situations, what pilot actions can lead to inducing a spin, and how to safely recover from a spin. Phil is one of Australia’s leading experts in spin training and PUA provides the highest quality instruction in this area.

Cessna Vertical


Typical Dual Flight Time:

4 Hours (First phase)

Phil has designed an aerobatics syllabus which is quite “user friendly”. Depending upon the level you wish to achieve, the syllabus has 6 phases; from very basic through to competition levels.

The first phase, which includes wingovers, loops and aileron rolls, can generally be completed in approximately 4 hours. Of course, it is individually tailored and competency based.

Over the years, Phil as produced more than 40 State and National Champion Aerobatic pilots.

We strongly recommend that you complete Emergency Manoeuvre Training prior to beginning your aerobatic training.
Advanced Aerobatic Training available:

  • Aerobatics 1500, 1000, and 500
  • Aerobatics Unlimited
  • Formation Aerobatics
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Formation Flying


Typical Dual Flight Time:

5 Hours

Formation flying is a challenging but extremely rewarding skill for pilots of any experience level. There is a high degree of precision required to stay in formation, and completing formation flying training will improve your flying out of sight! If you have a fellow pilot wanting to learn, we’ll teach you both simultaneously, however this is not a requirement.

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