Private Pilot’s License

If you would like the freedom of travelling anywhere in Australia by aeroplane, the licence you require is a Private Pilot Licence (or PPL). This licence is perfect for those who wish to fly with family and friends but are not looking to be employed as a pilot.


  • Recreational Pilot’s Licence
  • Minimum hours: 40
  • Class 1 or 2 Medical certificate
  • Minimum age to hold licence: 17 years

What are the steps in achieving my Private Pilot’s License?

By now you will already hold your RPL. You are competent in all manoeuvres required to carry passengers, including emergency handling. Your training focus will now shift to learning to navigate around the country with reference to map and ground. 

Navigation Training:

There are around 10 navigation exercises to complete, taking you to areas of the state including the North Coast, South Coast, and Central NSW. You will fly into busy airports with Air Traffic Control as well as quiet country grass airstrips. Navigation training can also be completed during one of our many Air Safaris, in which we travel interstate to exciting destinations across the country. 

Theory Exam:

Prior to your PPL Flight Test you will need to sit and pass a Theory Exam. You can self-study for this exam, but we run a week-long PPL Theory Course where you can learn with like-minded pilots. Alternatively, one-on-one tuition tailored to your situation is also available.

Flight Test:

After a minimum of 40 hours total training (including your previously achieved RPL hours), you can sit your Flight Test with an Examiner on board. During this flight you will demonstrate your navigation skills, emergency handling, and some basic and more advanced manoeuvres. When you pass, the entire country is open for you to explore!

In Summary:

  • 10 Navigation exercises across diverse countryside
  • Air Traffic Control Experience
  • Group and One-on-one theory tuition available
  • The PPL is your ticket to exploring Australia

Current Price Estimate

This price is an estimate, is inclusive of GST and dependant on actual hours flown.


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