Photo by Archie Howard

Take the Controls of a real aeroplane with a Hands on Action Flight!

Have you ever thought about becoming a pilot? Now is your chance to get started with a Hands On Action Flight! Otherwise known as a Trial Instructional Flight, this is the first step that every pilot takes in their flight training.

You’ll arrive at our hangar and be met by one of our instructors who will give you a thorough briefing on how an aeroplane works and how to control it. From there you will go and have a look at one of our Cessna 150 training aeroplanes and it’s all systems go.

During the flight, your instructor will guide you on how to control the aeroplane and you will be in control. You can fly around the local training area in the beautiful Hunter Valley. After 30 minutes in the aeroplane, you’ll be back on the ground and your instructor will tell you more about learning to fly and the different pathways to get you there.

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