Emergency Manoeuvre Training

Learn to recognise and avoid common aircraft mishandling situations.

What are the steps in achieving my Emergency Manoeuvre Training?

Emergency Manoeuvre Training is a specialty course designed by Phil. He designed the EMT course 25 years ago in response to what he saw as shortcomings in mainstream aviation training and was awarded Flying Instructor of the Year in 2014 by the Royal Aeronautical Society for producing the course and his contribution to aviation safety.

The EMT course is a defensive flying training and awareness course designed to teach pilots to avoid aircraft mishandling.

The course is conducted over 3 days using a Pitts Special.

In Summary:

  • Award-winning instructor and course
  • Conducted in the exciting Pitts Special S2A
  • Finish with an increased awareness of aircraft mishandling situations and how to avoid them

Current Price Estimate

This price is an estimate, is inclusive of GST and dependant on actual hours flown.


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