Flight Tests & Theory Exams

Theory Examinations 

PUA is an approved testing centre for CASA’s online RPL, PPL and PIFR Theory Examinations. Contact us to book! 

Flight Tests 

Our Head of Operations/Chief Flying Instructor Phil is an authorised Flight Test Examiner for CASA. He can provide examination services for the following: 

  • RPL 
  • PPL 
  • CPL 
  • Night VFR 
  • Flight Instructor Ratings (Grades 3, 2, and 1)
  • Flight Instructor Proficiency Checks (Single- and Multi-Engine)  
  • Multi-Engine Training Approval 
  • Multi-Engine Class Rating 

Frank D’Alterio, our Instrument Rating specialist instructor, can provide examination services for:

  • Single and Multi-Engine Command Instrument Ratings
  • Private Instrument Ratings