Fleet Specifications & Hire

Cessna 150

The Cessna 150 is perfectly suited for initial training. It is reliable, forgiving for the novice pilot, and never gives up. PUA has two Cessna 150 aeroplanes, one of which is capable of being flown for aerobatics! 

Current Hire Rate:
Solo: $250 per hour
Dual: $365 per hour

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is the most popular single engine aeroplane ever built. There are more Cessna 172s flying around in the sky than jumbo jets! PUA owns two Cessna 172s which are perfect for navigation and Private Pilot Licence training and are also very suitable for initial training if you choose. 

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: $330 per hour
$445 per hour

Cessna 182

The Cessna 182 is one of the workhorses of the General Aviation world. It is perfect for completing your Commercial Pilot Licence or Manual Propeller Pitch Control training and will provide you with the hands-on experience necessary to prepare you for the start of your aviation career. 

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: $430 per hour
$545 per hour

Cessna 206

The Cessna 206 is a very common aeroplane in GA commercial operations which is why we have brought it online as part of our Industry Ready Program. If you would like some valuable 200 Series Cessna hours in your logbook, then this is the perfect aeroplane for you!

Current Hire Rate: 
Dual Only:
$600 per hour

Piper Arrow

The Piper Arrow is our is “go to” for the retractable undercarriage endorsement and is also a great option for those wanting to get some time in a low wing aircraft.

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: $400 per hour
$515 per hour


The Decathlon is a perfect aeroplane for introductory tailwheel or aerobatic training.

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: $350 per hour
$465 per hour

Pitts Special S-2A

The Pitts Special S-2A is a high-performance aerobatic biplane. Dubbed “the Ferrari of the skies” in the movie Cloud Dancer and often seen at airshows, the Pitts is a lot of fun and is available for advanced training as well as for Emergency Manoeuvre Training. 

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: $420 per hour
$535 per hour

Tiger Moth

The DeHavilland Tiger Moth is a beautiful 1930s-era biplane which was used by the Royal Air Force and the Royal Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian Air Forces as a primary training aircraft. These days it is often used as a tailwheel trainer and pleasure aircraft for those who are interested in vintage aeroplanes. 

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: 350 per hour
Dual: $465 per hour

BE76 Duchess

The twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess is a versatile Commercial and Instrument training aircraft. Designed as a low-cost introduction to multi-engine aeroplanes, it is a perfect stepping stone into professional aviation as well as a comfortable step-up for leisure flying. 

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: $580 per hour
$695 per hour

Elite Airtrainer - AT11I

Our Elite AT11i Flight Simulator is a Category B Trainer approved to provide credit for Command Instrument Ratings, Private Instrument Ratings, Night VFR, IPC, and Pilot Recency (all of which we offer). Our AT11i is able emulate a wide variety of aircraft from a Cessna 172 right through the to Beechcraft King Air all with a variety of avionics packages.

Our set-up includes a nearby independent Instructor Station, Elite Pro Panel III with force feedback controls, 24″ Dell Touchscreen Instrument Panel, Samsung 49″ QLED Curved External Display Monitor with dual quad HD resolution, AP-4000 radio stack, and graphics powered by a dedicated MSI GeForce RTX 3080 card.

Current Hire Rate: 
Solo: $110 per hour
$225 per hour