How To Start Flight Training

Starting your aviation journey is a lot simpler than many people think. If you are looking at entering a formal program (like the Bachelor or Diploma of Aviation) then there will be an enrolment process, however, for anyone who is just looking to get started as a “pay as you fly” private student, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from starting right now! If you are ready to start your aviation adventure, then the steps will usually unfold like this:


That’s right, step one is as simple as getting in touch. We would love to hear from you and will always start out by answering any and all questions that you may have while also providing you with plenty of additional information to ensure that you are all up to speed. This can be a general enquiry, or we can book your first lesson right away just like that!


Believe it or not, step two really is “get started”. When you first contact our team and let them know that you would like to start your flight training, we will get you set up with an account for our online booking system called “Flight Schedule Pro” (FSP). This is a great system for setting up a training schedule and allows you to make and manage bookings online 24/7. We will look after your first booking personally and then show you how to use FSP when you come out for your first lesson.

Most students start with our “Hands on Action Flight”, which is an introductory training flight designed to give you the full flight training experience with a 20-minute ground briefing followed by a 30-minute flight that is hands on from take-off to landing. However, if you are keen to start putting hours in your logbook from day one, then there is nothing stopping you from skipping the Hands on Action Flight and getting straight into the first syllabus lesson.

Your first visit to PUA will include an introduction to our team, facilities, and aircraft while also providing another opportunity for you to ask questions and maybe grab a coffee while you’re at it. Might we also recommend sampling the Arnotts Assorted Creams as we seem to have an endless supply of them as well…


When you start flying, we will begin your training record and you will start recording hours in your logbook. The first goal you will be working toward is the “First Solo Flight”. Most students will reach their first solo within 10-15 hours depending on how regularly they are flying. You will need to have an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) and Aviation Medical before you can fly your first solo so these will need to be high on your to-do list when you first start flying.

If you are new to aviation then the process for obtaining an ARN and Medical may be a bit confusing, but fear not, as we will provide you with a full guide and help you out along the way. We can also provide you with some recommendations when it comes to choosing a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner to help make this process as easy as possible.


That’s it, you are now on your way to achieving your first pilot licence and the freedom to explore the skies that comes along with it! As you can see, there really is nothing you need to do before embarking on your first flight. Simply get in touch by phone or email and we’ll get you booked in with one of our sensational Flight Instructors, who will not only teach you to fly, but also act as your guide as you enter the aviation community.

Do you still have questions before starting your journey into the skies? Don’t hesitate for a second to get in touch with our team as we take great pleasure in introducing people to the world of flight training and aviation in general. Can’t wait!

Feeling Inspired?

Take the next step and start your very own aviation adventure! Check out our Hands on Action Flight to find out how.

The Hands On Action Flight is an introductory training flight and the perfect starting point for any new pilot.