Licences / Approvals / Endorsements
  • Independent Pilot Examiner – Testing Approvals include:
    • Recreational Pilot Licence
    • Private Pilot Licence
    • Commercial Pilot Licence
    • Night VFR
    • Training Endorsements:
      • Design Features
      • Flight Activities including Aerobatics Unlimited (to Ground Level)
    • Instructor Ratings:
      • Initial Issue – Grade 3, 2 and 1 including upgrades
      • Instructor Rating Proficiency Checks (Renewals) – Grade 3, 2 and 1
      • Instructor Training Approval
  • PPL – 1978
  • CPL – May 1990
  • Chief Pilot
  • Chief Flying Instructor
  • Single Engine Aeroplanes below 5700kg
  • Multi Engine Aeroplanes
  • Multi Engine Training Approval
  • Retractable Undercarriage
  • Tail Wheel Undercarriage
  • Manual Propeller Pitch Control
  • Floating Hull
  • Float Landing Gear
  • Pressurisation System
  • Gas Turbine Engines
  • Endorsed on warbirds as follows: L-39 Albatros jet, T28 Trojan, Grumman TBM-3 Avenger.
  • Low Level Aerobatics Approval – Unlimited (ie to ground level)
  • Low Level Aerobatics Testing Officer
  • ME CIR February 1991
  • Night VFR
  • Single Engine Grade 1 Instructor Rating
  • Multi Engine Grade 1 Instructor Rating
  • Phil has also flown, and is familiar with the latest high performance Aerobatic Aircraft including the Sukhoi, Extra, YAK and Zlin.
  • Phil is experienced in many vintage and warbird aircraft types
  • RAA Senior Flying Instructor
  • RAA Chief Flying Instructor
  • Total hours: 18,000 / Instructional Hours: 10,000


1983      Royal Newcastle Aero Club – Aerobatic Champion
1984      Australian Light Aircraft Championships – Formation Champion
1984      Royal Newcastle Aero Club – Aerobatic Champion
1985      Royal Newcastle Aero Club – Aerobatic Champion
1985      Royal Newcastle Aero Club – Senior Club Champion
1986      Australian Light Aircraft Championships – Formation Champion
1986      Royal Newcastle Aero Club – Aerobatic Champion
1986      Royal Newcastle Aero Club – Senior Club Champion
1987      Royal Newcastle Aero Club –Aerobatic Champion
1988      Australian Bicentennial Tiger Moth Aerobatic Champion
1992      Australian Sportsman Aerobatic Champion
1992      Australian Aerobatic Club – Highest percentage Scorer
1992      Woburn Abbey Bedfordshire UK DeHavilland Moth Club Rally

  • In August 1992, whilst working for Kevin Weldon as his corporate pilot, Phil was tasked by Kevin to organise the shipping of Kevin’s Tiger Moth VH-AQJ to Woburn Abbey in England. It was to be the first Australian registered Tiger Moth to participate in this world renowned event. Kevin encouraged Phil to enter the major aerobatics competition at Woburn. On the Saturday, Phil entered the Open Class DH-82 Aerobatics Competition known as the “David Jackson Trophy”. To Kevin and Phil’s delight, Phil won the Open Class event. This qualified Phil to enter the Masters event known as the “Leonard Jeffreys Trophy” the following day. Only previous winners of the David Jackson competition were permitted to enter the Leonard Jeffreys Masters event. 
  • For the first time in the British Tiger Club’s history, Phil won both events over two consecutive days of demanding competition. Both Kevin and Phil were ecstatic with this result and to top it off Kevin’s Tiger Moth won the Concours d’Elegance for best Tiger Moth at the rally.

1993      Australian Intermediate Aerobatic Champion
1994      1st Place Great Australian Tiger Moth Air Race
1998      1st Place Great Australian tiger Moth Air Race

2014      Australian Flying Instructor of the Year presented by the Royal Aeronautical Society

Plus several other titles.